ATP Science Immunity and Wellbeing

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Support the Foundations of Health and Immunity

SIZE: Gutright 150g / Resilience 90 Caps / Multifood 60 Caps / CORT RX 90 Caps

ATP Science - Immunity and Wellbeing


Stacking these four products together as a daily support foundation in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and diet provides the tools for optimum health and immunity.

Gutright – Working on the ratios of your gut microbiome population to break down the build-up of biofilms, correction of the ratios between good and bad bacteria and support the function of our detoxification organs; the kidneys and the liver. 


Resilience – Creating a stronger mucosal immunity, improving the gut wall lining and balancing the innate immune response see-saw in relation to how the body responds to a threat and how quickly the threat is resolved and returned back to a state of homeostasis.


Multifood – Providing both fat soluble and water soluble vitamins for our micronutrient support network. These vitamin co-factors are responsible for so many biological functions, hormonal conversion pathways, detoxification support and the tiny pieces of the puzzle that fit into our Krebs cycle, the furnace that creates our energy to live.


CORT RX – Designed to help your adrenal gland deal with these stress factors and assist in restoring healthy cortisol function. A unique blend of herbs which helps the body to deal with and adapt to external stress. This adaptogenic blend specifically focuses on assisting the adrenal gland and has a sparing effect on cortisol. 

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