Sleep Formula

sleep formula

After a long day training and working there is no question that everyone needs time to wind down and sleep to regenerate their thoughts and energy for yet another day. It sounds straight forward and easy but are you getting the right amount and the right quality of sleep? When we sleep we release many growth hormones to repair and refresh our system. When we are stressed out it is proven to disrupt our quality and duration of sleep meaning our body has less time to repair. There is a phase in our sleeping pattern know as REM (rapid eye movement) this is the deepest form of sleep and this is the phase where we endure the greatest amount of repair and regrowth in our skeletal muscles and nervous system. If we have disrupted sleep not only does it reduce REM it also reduces our bodies time to recover thus running our bodies down and making us more susceptible to sickness, catabolism and injury. This is where sleeping formulas come in. By taking a sleeping supplement before bed we promote undisturbed and longer sleep, greater levels of growth hormones, greater sleep quality (REM), anabolic muscle growth and decreased stress levels (decreased cortisol) due to a more sustained sleeping pattern. For those who find themselves tossing and turning and hard to sleep you may have just found your answer.

  1. BPM Labs The Delta Zone

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    Growth Hormone Boosting & Sleep Enhancing Formula! Size: 30 Servings.

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  2. EHP Labs Oxysleep


    Night Time Sleep & Fat Loss Formula! Size: 40 Serves.

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  3. Herbs of Gold SLEEP EASE

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    Herbal Formula to Help Promote a Restful Calm Sleep! Size: 60 Capsules.

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  4. MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Dream

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    Growth Hormone Boosting & Sleep Enhancement Formula! Size: 30 Servings.

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