Mass Gainers

There are a few different types of mass gainers on the market which cater to peoples individual lifestyles, but all are designed with basically as method of increase macro-nutrient intake when food can’t be used.

Super mass gainers are usually heavy carbohydrates and heavy calories, so they are recommended to be supplemented by those who struggle to eat food or struggle to maintain weight from having an above average metabolism.

Lean mass gainers are your most common gainer, they are usually close to 1:1.25 ratio of protein to carbohydrates and are designed as more of an add on to each meal or your main middle of the day meal; these usually can be doubled also as a post workout protein depending on the protein matrix and the carbohydrates formulated in the gainer.

There are a few other different types of gainers also such as carbohydrate dominant gainers for endurance athletes or protein dominant gainers for those looking to increase protein in their diet.

Gainers are a great way to increase the consumption of these macronutrients but should never be used as a replacement for a meal, so the key thing to remember when purchasing a gainer is know what you are able to consume and make sure it doesn’t affect your ability to consume food.
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