Natural Proteins

natural protein

Natural whey proteins come with premium quality-meaning they’re designed to present the best quality as possible. Natural whey proteins tend to contain virtually no lactose and no added sugar, ‘how do they sweeten the protein you may ask’?

Organic/natural flavouring is usually used along with no artificial colours-ingredients that you as a consumer, know you can 100% trust. Natural whey proteins are also usually low in carbohydrates and fats which would accommodate for customers looking to maintain body composition or loose a few un-wanted kilos.

Rich in naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids, this specific protein powder compliments a perfect post-workout replenishment option to assist with the repair and growth of muscle and is extremely fast absorbing due to containing virtually no carbohydrates and fats delaying the process in which it is absorbed.

For consumers seeking some fresh and tasty low-carb/fat, guilt-free treats for throughout the day, this also makes a perfect option for you; protein pancakes, muffins, cakes, slices, smoothies etc. The list is endless!