Protein Bars

protein bars

Food bars based on a high Protein content, usually taken as a snack. Protein bars can be a substitute to other high calorie/sugar snack bars such as chocolate or nut bars. These bars offer a more desirable nutritional content focusing on high protein and usually containing a moderate to low carbohydrate/fat content. Popular bars include Quest Bars, Titan Bars, Power Crunch Bars, Combat Bars, Mission 1 Bars, Max's Supershred Bars, Maxine's Burn Bars and Ratio Bars.

Protein is known to be the most important nutrient when it comes to building or maintaining muscle. Protein Bars provide a quick and easy option to increase your daily protein intake with little preparation. Most protein bars use whey protein in either concentrate or isolate form, with whey-isolate being a more ideal source post-workout.

Protein bars are very popular among athletes as they provide an accessible option for a post-workout snack providing an ideal dose of protein (usually 20-30g per bar) to replenish the muscles after exercise.