Vegan Proteins

vegan proteins

Vegan proteins are sourced from either rice, pea or soy. Did you know vegan proteins are considered ‘hypoallergenic’, what does this mean?

It means the protein can become a part of a detox program-rice and pea proteins have a smaller risk of being allergenic, they become apart of common functional food groups that people may choose to consume throughout a detox phase-such as an elimination diet of specific foods.

Another benefit of consuming/switching to a vegan-based protein is the fact they’re even easier to digest compared to a whey protein isolate/blend. How?

If the product itself is not allergenic in any way, the person will tend to have the ability to enhance the breakdown process of the product, which then will lead to quicker absorption. If artificial flavouring/sweeteners aren’t your ‘cup of tea’, then vegan proteins can defiantly be a option to maybe consider-they contain little to non, have a neutral taste and mix well with water.