Protein Powders

protein powders

Protein powders can be consumed to recover and replenish post-workout. Used to build lean muscle, maintain body composition, to loose weight or to gain mass/size. A protein powder can also assist yourself by making it a lot easier to reach your protein target intake for the day and to reduce the risk of muscle breakdown throughout the growth phase that immediately commences after the completion of your workout-the most important period.

The most common myth made about protein powders is the fact they’ll make you ‘bulky’. Did you know that there are several types of protein powders that can accommodate each personal health and fitness goal you may have; weather that may be to simply maintain your current body composition, to build lean muscle, weight management or gain mass-there are certain types available to build mass/size specifically, and also types that can manipulate your body composition.

To name a few protein powders available in-store are; whey protein hydro isolates, whey protein isolates, mass gainers, casein’s and organic/vegan protein’s to name a few. How else can a protein be used? The amount of delicious treats you can bake with it are endless; protein pancakes, cakes/mug cakes, muffins, cheesecakes-the list could go on.

Each health and fitness goal you personally set, a protein powder can accommodate for and assist in you reaching it as quick as possible.