testosterone boosters

Testosterone is the KING of recovery and muscle building. Unfortunately, many people think the only way to increase testosterone to get that muscle building effect is to take exogenous testosterone (steroids). Luckily there are natural ways increase the body’s own testosterone production without having to take harmful synthetic hormones.

So what is our goal when looking for a natural testosterone booster?

We are looking for a supplement that not only increases testosterone but increases free testosterone, while supressing excess estrogen. You may have high levels of total testosterone in your body but if that testosterone is not free it is ultimately useless.

So next step when looking for a testosterone booster is to find one that actually is proven to work. There are many testosterone boosters on the market that have a huge following but do nothing more than give you an aphrodisiac effect based on human studies. So if you are looking to raise testosterone naturally, look for products that have been proven to work like the above and you’ll soon have the killer edge in the gym.