CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in animal tissue and food sources such as beef, chicken, eggs and various dairy products.

Want to burn fat while increasing lean muscle mass?

Well CLA could be the supplement that you are looking for. Numerous human studies have demonstrated that CLA reduces fat mass while increasing lean body mass. A study conducted on 53 healthy humans found that using 4.2 grams of CLA daily over a 12-week period lead to a decrease in 3.8% body compared to the individuals that did not take CLA.

Another human study was conducted on 20 men and 40 women who ranged from overweight to Obese on a BMI scale. Various dosages of CLA were given to the selected subjects while placebo pills consisting of olive oil were given to select group over a 12-week period. The subjects were given 4 pills a day to be taken at breakfast, lunch and dinner without knowing exactly what they were taking.

The subjects were monitored and asked to fill in questionnaires to variety of life conditions to avoid throwing off the results of the trial. It was found that group dosed at 6.8 grams significantly dropped body fat over the 12-week trial and slightly increased lean body mass. The studies for CLA are promising and is definitely a supplement that could be added to your diet to give you that fat burning edge.